Scotts Flat Lake Level September 25, 2014

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Sep 272014

Scott's Flat Lake

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Scott's Flat Lake

Pictures  by John J. O'Dell from my deck. The water level in the lake is down further than I've seen since I've lived in Cascade Shores, or at least it seems that way.  Scotts Flat Lake or should I say reservoir, what's the difference?  A lake is a body of water but a  reservoir is different because it's level is deepest at the dam and some other technicalities . Oh, well, I still like to call it a lake.  If you really want to know the difference between a lake and reservoir go to Lakes & Reservoirs. If you want to see the projected water level for Scotts Flat Reservoir  that was prepared by Nevada Irrigation District, go to picture 5.  I'm guessing from my pictures and the graph for water levels for Scotts Flat Lake that the present elevation is around 3,036 foot elevation. The high appears to be 3,062  feet in elevation.  That's a 26 foot drop which cuts the water storage in half, from 40,000 acre feet to 25,000 acre feet. An acre foot is one foot of water over one acre of land or 43,560 cubic feet of water. Scott's Flat is situated among the tall pines at the 3100-foot elevation nine miles east of Nevada City via Highway 20 and Scott's Flat Road. It offers 169 campsites at two large campgrounds, plus a group camp. Across the lake, accessible via Red Dog and Quaker Hill Roads from Nevada City, is the Cascade Shores Day Use Area. As you can see from my pictures, there a lot of trees around the reservoirs, oops lake. Please help to keep this blog going Let us Sell or help you buy your new home or land John J. O'Dell Realtor® GRI O'Dell Realty (530) 263-1091 Email John BRE#00669941
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Unique Rustic Furniture Makers of Nevada County

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Oct 162013


  • Curved arm bnch

Written by Charles Schmid I worked as a boy on ranches around Missoula Montana.  We lived in a 40x40 hand hewn log cabin.  With an axe and hand drill we made things to work with, live with, and repair with.  Over the years I expanded on that and married an artist in her own right.  So especially for the last 5 years Barbara and I have been making very artful rustic furniture.  Our wood comes from tree trimmers, customers and brush piles along the road. Mainly our work is commissioned, and the "Studio-Tours" show for the 1st and 2nd weekends of October finds us at our shop answering questions, from 10 to 5 each day, and showing what people tell us is the most unique furniture they've ever seen.  Barbara makes about a third of the furniture, applying her own style and techniques.  
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Hiking in Idyllwild Northeast of San Diego in the San Jacinto Mountains.

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Oct 062013

  • Logan, Irish Wolf Hound on the trail with Jeff

Idyllwild is NorthEast of San Diego in the San Jacinto Mountains which peak at 10,833'.  It is the closest thing to the Sierras without all of the lakes and rivers.

These pictures were taken by a good friend of mine, Jeff Toff an attorney who used to practice in Nevada County.  He is now retired and lives in San Diego. Jeff is an active hiker and he takes his champion Irish Wolfhound with him were ever he goes. Logan was given to Jeff after his first dog Brendan died due to drinking anti-freeze.  Logan did indeed retire as champion  show dog and it's former owner was very taken by the deep care that Jeff gave to his former Wolfhound. Jeff tried to keep his former dog Brendan alive with deep devotion for his dog's care.  For over a year Jeff would take Brendan  to UC Davis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for dialysis treatment to try and keep his dog alive. Sadly, after over a year, Brendan didn't make it.

Do you have pictures you would like to share?  Please let me know, I will consider any pictures of animals, cars, scenery and historical locations.

Contact me at Email  John O'Dell 

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Sep 262013

  • Front view of 1940 Ford Rat Rod

This beautiful 1940 Ford Rat Rod pickup is owned by Marty Souter of Grass Valley. Marty is a member of the Rodents Club of Grass Valley. Marty is a coca cola collector and has an extensive collection of old coca coca memorabilia in his home. Marty moved up from Orange County two years ago and retired from automotive parts business. Quite often, you can find him in the morning at the Brunswick Flour Garden hanging out with his friends from the Rodents Club.

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Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, CA

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Sep 252013


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The Holbrooke Hotel

< The original building, constructed in 1852 by Stephen and Clara Smith, was a saloon, the Golden Gate Saloon. The following year, a single-story annex, the Exchange Hotel, was added at the back of the saloon.The fire of 1855 burned down the saloon, but it was rebuilt with fieldstone and a brick facade. The Exchange Hotel was caught in a fire in 1862, after which it was renovated into a two-story structure. In 1879, it was named the Holbrooke Hotel after the owner, D. P. Holbrooke.The hotel continues to be privately owned
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